Imagine this: You get home from work to find your back window shattered and your TV stolen. Luckily that is all they took but what if someone had been home?! Helpless and clueless might be two words that come to mind when you think of a situation like this happening to your home when you are gone. Well, you don’t have to be either of those when you have smart home monitoring, otherwise known as, do-it-yourself (DIY) security. If you haven’t jumped on the smart home monitoring train yet, now is a better time than any. Making sure your home and family are both safe and secure should be made possible and available at your fingertips, and now it is! Watching over your loved ones and your belongings is easier than ever. Here are some reasons that will make it a no brainer for you.

1. It’s rapidly growing in popularity

According to research done by SDM Magazine, almost 30% of all new home security sales are DIY, and a massive DIY security growth is expected going forward. In 20 years or so, self-monitored home security will swap places with professional services and lead the security market.

2. Customize it to fit your needs

Another huge plus is how easy it is to customize the products you purchase to meet your needs. Rather than buying an entire system to be installed, with DIY you can buy only the equipment you need and you can add more products over time. For example, you could install a camera in your front door for now, and when you can afford it, you can purchase additional cameras to add extra security.

3. You can take it anywhere

By this I mean that you can move a home security system like this any time you want. If you want to move a camera to the kid’s bedroom instead of yours, you can to that easily! Let’s say you’re moving, no worries, investing in smart home monitoring was not a waste, you have ability to pick up your security equipment and bring it with you anywhere. With DIY home security products, you can install and uninstall products as needed.

4. It is affordable

Why should watching over your home be expensive and out of reach? Protecting your family should be easy! DIY home security products offer the peace of mind of a protected home without spending a fortune to install. The opportunity of only buying the products that you can afford now is a budget-friendly approach to security.

5. You can take security into your own hands

For decades, we have had to rely on the monitoring of others to make sure our loved ones and homes are safe. You can finally take matters into your own hands and see everything that is going on in your home and, it is easy! You don’t need to be an engineering major to be able to set up a DIY camera in your home, garage or front door. All you need is a smart phone and you’re ready to go. Get live footage sent on your phone at all hours of the day and feel at ease knowing that you can be your family’s security.