My Momentum app looks different and I am confused why this happened?

On September 29th, we released an app update for Momentum. This update changed the User Interface to be more flexible and dynamic.

Once I upgrade the app, can I go back to the old app version if I want?

We will not be supporting previous app versions going forward, therefore you will be unable to revert to any previous app version.

With this new app update, do I need to re-pair my devices to my account?

No, your devices should automatically show up on the “Home” dashboard in the app. If they are not on the Home dashboard, please select “+” button in the top right to add the devices to your dashboard.

: I don’t see Garage Door tile after updating to new app. What should I do?

To add the tile back to your app, please follow these quick 6 steps below.

  • STEP 1: Select your Niro camera from the Devices list
  • STEP 2: Tap on the ‘Device settings’ section
  • STEP 3: Scroll down then tap on the ‘Add door’ button
  • STEP 4: Confirm wiring and then tap ‘Add door’ again
  • Note: if your camera is already installed and online then there is no need to re-pair or change the wiring.
  • STEP 5: Name your garage door and tap ‘Save’ button
  • STEP 6: Go back to Home view where the tile is now available

Note: tapping on the tile will activate your garage door. You can also open camera live view to access garage door controls. 

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